Twitter rolls out annual discounts for Blue subscribers, but iOS users aren’t included

Twitter Blue users subscribing through iOS also face higher monthly costs


Twitter Blue subscribers can opt to skip the monthly fee for a discounted annual option.

But the savings are only available on the web.

Canadians can subscribe to the web service for $10 a month or pay $105 annually, resulting in $15 of annual savings.

The annual option isn’t available for iOS pricing, which will see users pay $15 a month.

Twitter Blue allows people to buy the sought-after blue checkmark, a symbol that used to be rewarded to notable accounts before Elon Musk bought the social media platform. While the process to obtain a blue checkmark is no doubt easier, Twitter says a subscription won’t mean instant verification.

“All Twitter Blue features will be available immediately except the blue checkmark, which may take time to appear to ensure review of subscribed accounts meet all requirements.”

The Twitter help page outlining the specifics doesn’t state why iOS subscribers must pay more. However, it’s hard to forget Musk’s unhinged tirade against Apple last year. Musk accused Apple of hating “free speech in America” and said the company made threats “to withhold Twitter from the App Store.” But all of that seemed to be forgotten when Musk took a trip to Apple HQ.

Users who joined for a lower iOS price will see it changed to the new local price.

Source: Twitter Via: Reuters