Someone bought a foam Twitter logo statue for $100,000

The statue's bidding at Elon Musk's used office supply garage sale started at $25

In today’s recap of people that have way too much money, someone bought a floor statue of Twitter’s blue bird logo for $100,000.

The price, listed in U.S. dollars, is equivalent to roughly $134,800 Canadian.

The statue is part of 631 items Twitter CEO Elon Musk sold in an online auction consisting of “surplus corporate office assets.” Yes, there are some cool things (like a full-sized pizza oven) in there, depending on what you’re looking for.

But I can almost assure you none of them are worth $100,000.

The statue is 46 inches wide and has a height of 41 inches, according to the auction site. Its material isn’t specified, but various news articles, including this one from Gizmodo, indicate the starting price was $25. So it’s clear the statue isn’t made of any valuable materials. Reporter Kali Hays tweeted it’s made of foam board.

So the fact that it fetched 4,000 times its opening bid is beyond words.

Other logo-inspired products also appeared to be big-ticket items. A neon bluebird sign sold for $40,000. A planter sculpted in an “@” symbol sold for $15,500.

Gizmodo reports chairs, tables, and TVs were also on sale. 68 power strips and 107 cases of KN95 face masks were also up for grabs because, apparently, COVID doesn’t impact Twitter employees.

The sale follows a series of struggles for the social media platform. Ever since Musk took over, the company laid off hundreds of employees and saw advertisers back out as the platform continues to face times of unpredictability.

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Source: Bid Spotter Via: Gizmodo