You can now subscribe to Twitter Blue on Android

It costs $15/mo in Canada, the same as on iOS and more than subscribing through the web

Twitter Blue on Android

Over a month after Twitter relaunched its Blue subscription on iOS and the web, Android users now have the privilege of overpaying for a blue checkmark.

Like on iOS, Twitter Blue costs $15/mo if you subscribe to it on Android (importantly, the app notes the price is a “limited time offer,” implying it will get more expensive in the future). Meanwhile, Blue still costs $10/mo if you subscribe through the web, or $105 if you go with the new annual subscription option that’s also only available through the web.

Unfortunately, Blue’s benefits remain scarce for subscribers. Aside from the Blue checkmark, Blue’s other benefits — like reduced ads — are listed as coming soon. Twitter’s Blue page also lists the priority feature as coming soon, despite it rolling out a couple days before Christmas.

To subscribe to Twitter Blue on Android, open the app and tap your profile icon in the top-left corner. Then tap ‘Twitter Blue,’ and tap ‘Subscribe,’ then follow the steps to pay through Google’s in-app payment system. With tax, you’ll end up paying $16.95/mo.

However, if Blue is really something you want to pay for, you’d be better off subscribing through the Twitter website and paying annually. So far, that’s the absolute cheapest way to get Blue.

Via: 9to5Google