[Update] Pixel Watch doesn’t support Fitbit’s Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications

The Pixel Watch doesn't officially support the feature

Update 2023/01/24 at 8:47am ET: As mentioned below, the appearance of Irregular Rhythm Notifications in the Fitbit app for some Pixel Watch owners is a holdover from previous Fitbit devices. Google confirmed to 9to5Google that the Pixel Watch does not support Irregular Rhythm Notifications and that the section people spotted in the Fitbit app is for history from past notifications — even if users never received previous notifications. So don’t expect to get heart rhythm alerts from your Pixel Watch any time soon.

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Some Pixel Watch owners report getting access to the heart health ‘Irregular Rhythm Notifications’ feature despite it not being officially supported.

Pixel Watch owners took to Reddit to share the revelation, and Android Police and 9to5Google also picked up the story confirming some of their Pixel Watches had the feature. Even my Pixel Watch appears to have Irregular Rhythm Notifications. If you’re curious about yours, you can check by opening Fitbit and going to Discover > Assessments & Reports > Irregular Rhythm Notifications.

For most Pixel Watch owners, the Assessments & Reports page only shows ‘Wellness Report’ (if you’re subscribed to Fitbit Premium) and ‘Heart Rhythm Assessment,’ a manual version of the Irregular Rhythm Notifications.

This brings up an information screen with details about irregular rhythm notifications, noting that they can be a sign of things like atrial fibrillation (AFib). In short, the feature runs in the background, monitoring users’ heart rhythm data and will notify them if an irregular rhythm is detected.

Moreover, users can tap ‘View notifications’ to see a list of irregular rhythm notifications as well as the last time Fitbit analyzed data.

The thing is, these alerts aren’t officially supported on the Pixel Watch. Several Fitbit devices, including the Sense series, Versa series, Charge 3, 4, and 5, Luxe, and Inspire 2 and 3, support it — the Pixel Watch, however, doesn’t list support for the feature in support documents, product pages, or in specifications.

It remains unclear whether the feature is active for those who have it or if it’s showing up by mistake. Moreover, some Reddit users think that the feature is showing up in the Fitbit app for people who previously connected a Fitbit device that supports the feature. That would be true for me — I used several Fitbit devices on my Fitbit account prior to using the Pixel Watch — but it’s not certain if the two are connected yet.

Source: Reddit ‘Working-March‘ Via: 9to5Google, Android Police