Bethesda’s Redfall officially launches on May 2 on Xbox and PC

Arkane Austin's highly anticipated vampire shooter finally has an exact release date

Redfall Xbox

Bethesda has confirmed that Redfall will officially launch on Xbox Series X/S and PC (plus Xbox Game Pass) on May 2nd.

The first-person shooter is being developed by Arkane Austin, the critically-acclaimed team behind Dishonored and Prey. It was previously set to release last year before being delayed to the “first half of 2023” alongside fellow Bethesda title Starfield.

Redfall‘s release date was confirmed during the first-ever Xbox and Bethesda Developer_Direct as part of a larger deep dive into the game. In Redfall, you play as one of four hunters who must utilize weapons and special powers to fight a vampire threat. The game can be played solo or in co-op.

In the new Developer_Direct demo, we get a better look at the game’s expansive open-world, environmental storytelling, side content and player customization options.

Besides hailing from a beloved studio, Redfall is particularly notable since it’s the first major Bethesda game to launch exclusively on Xbox Series X/S and PC following Microsoft’s 2021 acquisition of parent company ZeniMax Media. Therefore, many players have had their eyes on both Redfall and Starfield, which is also set to release exclusively on current-gen Xbox consoles/PC. A release date for Starfield has not yet been confirmed, although Xbox says it will get its own Developer_Direct showcase down the line.