Bell has first Let’s Talk Day after replacing its traditional donation method

The company replaced its five cents per interaction donation with a $10 million capped donation

Bell’s 2023 Let’s Talk campaign has entered a “new era.”

The annual event took place on January 25th this year, and the company replaced its traditional 5 cents per social media post donation with a capped $10 million donation.

The previous method tracked how many posts were shared on social media; information Bell typically shared a day after the campaign. However, the post-mortarium press release this year is void of specific information on social media posts.

The change was made “so that we can put a greater emphasis on the actions we can all take to support mental health rather than counting interactions,” a Bell spokesperson told MobileSyrup.

While the $10 million figure is more than what Bell donated last year, the increasing popularity of the campaign raises questions if the $10 million limits on how much the company could donate.

Bell says more than $2 million of the funding has already been awarded to various organizations supporting mental health initiatives.

Despite the changes, the annual event featured the usual support from various government organizations it typically receives. Also on theme was Bell’s failure to address its own various actions that run opposite to the message its campaign shares.

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