Bell wins big at residual spectrum auction, secures eight licenses

Vidéotron, TBayTel and Sogetel also had winning bids

Telecom giant Bell was a big winner in a recent auction for 600 MHz, 2500 MHz, and 3500 MHz residual spectrum licenses.

The company won eight licenses priced at $10.6 million, covering a population of nearly 1.6 million in Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec.

Vidéotron acquired seven licences for $9.9 million, covering a population of 1.3 million in Manitoba and Quebec. Rogers won six licenses for $2.6 million to cover a population of 487,000 in Manitoba and B.C.

Ecotel inc., Sogetel Inc., and TBayTel each won two licenses.

Innovation Canada made nearly $30 million in sales. In total, 42 licenses were available for 600 MHz, 2500 MHz and 3500 MHz bands. The auction summary shows there were nine applicants in total. Bragg Communications, Cogeco Connexion and Telus also applied, according to the applicant summary, but did not secure any licenses.

This is the first residual spectrum license auction since 2018.

Source: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada