Alpha footage of Horizon’s multiplayer leaks, revealing Fortnite-style character models

It appears as though Horizon’s multiplayer project may venture off from picturesque realism

Early alpha footage and gameplay of Horizon’s multiplayer project have leaked online. Both videos and screenshots look fairly authentic in their design and are believed to be part of Guerrilla Games’ unannounced project, expanding the Horizon franchise.

In 2022, the Netherlands-based studio revealed its plans to launch a multiplayer-focused game set in the Horizon universe. Not much is known other than a “new internal team” is developing the project. It will also feature a “new cast of characters” and provide an experience for friends to “explore the majestic wilds of Horizon together.” Additionally, Guerrilla Games revealed that the project will offer a “unique stylized look.” It just so happens that this stylized look may have been revealed.

Across both Reddit and ResetEra, alpha footage and screenshots are available to see. Reddit user BirdonWheels, who posted the video, claims that the 12-minute-long alpha footage dates back to the summer of 2020. With this in mind, it’s understandable that the video depicts unpolished character models and environments.

However, we’re able to glean that Horizon’s multiplayer project may be trying to replicate a more cartoony vibe. Much of what’s shown is similar to Fortnite’s art and environments. Some of the proportions of the characters draw comparisons to Rare’s Sea of Thieves.

Credit: u/BirdonWheels

The gameplay also suggests there may be some cross-platform performance between the PlayStation ecosystem and PC. In the video, ‘join PC’ and ‘join PS4’ options can be seen, though it remains to be seen how fluid the cross-platform performance may be upon launch.

It’s important to remember that since this is alpha footage dating back three years, a lot can change in the development pipeline. Given that Guerrilla Games has already announced its plans to create a unique look for the game, it’s probably safe to say that this style could be a taste of the final design. However, the interface shown and other aspects could shift and change prior the the project’s release.

Guerrilla Games is about to have one busy year ahead of it. On February 22nd, the studio is headlining the launch of PlayStation VR2 with Horizon Call of the Mountain, a VR-exclusive spinoff. On April 19th, the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC is launching exclusively on PlayStation 5. Whether Guerrilla Games becomes a triple threat this year remains to be seen.

Image credit: Reddit

Source: Reddit Via: Kotaku