Apple to launch a variety of software and features in 2023, including next-gen CarPlay

With a HomeKit refresh and iMessage Contact Key Verification, there's a lot coming down the pipeline from Apple

2023 has only just begun and before Apple launches iOS 17, there are a lot of in-development features yet to release by the company. Apple has been very transparent with its intentions to introduce new features for its core software, including CarPlay, HomeKit, Apple Music, and Apple Pay.

For instance, at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2022, the tech giant revealed its next-generation CarPlay update. Providing a look at the new version of its infotainment system, CarPlay is due to introduce multiple support screens. In an ideal sense, CarPlay may provide an alternative to the UI of each manufacturer to highlight speed, fuel levels, temperature and more via the instrument cluster. Radio controls are also said to be provided. Additionally, personalization and widgets for Weather and Music will also be on the vehicle’s dashboard. Unfortunately, Apple has announced neither a release date nor which cars will support the new CarPlay system.

In 2021, Apple acquired the classical music streaming service Primephonic. As part of the acquisition, Apple planned to integrate the platform and its focus on classical music into its own app. The intended roadmap of launching an Apple Music Classical app in 2022 didn’t exactly pan out. For one reason or another, Apple has yet to provide an update on when this app may launch. This has led some to believe that it’s been scrapped. However, there’s not been any concrete evidence of this yet.

Upon the launch of iOS 16.2, Apple released the new architecture for HomeKit on an opt-in basis. The intended vision was to give users “improved performance and reliability of the accessories in your home.” However, Apple quickly has to delist the architecture in December due to an overwhelming amount of complaints and criticism. As such, many are waiting for Apple to re-release the software as the company stated that “A fix will be available soon.” Though, there’s no telling when this will be.

Safari on iOS and iPadOS is expected to receive support for web push notifications. Once again, Apple announced this feature at WWDC 2022. Once available, Safari will be able to push notifications from websites much like it’s able to on Mac. As of now, this feature has been absent in the recent iOS 16 beta. However, Apple claims that it will launch sometime in 2023.

iMessage Contact Key Verification is another feature on track for the year. This feature provides an extra layer of security for those who may need to verify who they are speaking with. For instance, government officials, journalists, etc. are able to note if an unauthorized device is associated with a recipient’s account. The company stated this feature is launching “globally” in 2023.

Finally, 2023 may hold a couple of Apple Pay software features. The first is Apple Pay Later, which enables users to split purchases into four equal payments with zero percent interest across six weeks. The second is the dedicated Apple Card Savings Account, which allows users to automatically deposit Daily Cash regards into the account. This feature heavily utilizes Apple Wallet and enables users to track their balance and account growth. Unfortunately, Apple Pay Later and the latter feature are exclusive to the U.S. There’s no telling if these will ever come to Canada down the road.

Via: 9to5Mac