Apple’s Crash Detection feature makes false emergency calls in Japanese Alps

The feature was activated when device holders went down ski slopes

There’s no arguing Apple’s Crash Detection can be helpful in many serious situations, but the feature has its drawbacks.

That includes activating when emergency services aren’t needed, such as skiing. And now, it looks like the false positive has put a serious strain on at least one emergency response team.

The fire department located in Kita-Alps, Nagano, Japan, received 134 false alerts between December 16th and January 23rd. Most of these resulted from the Apple feature falsely signalling the system as device holders went down ski slopes.

Available on the iPhone 14 series, Apple Watch UltraApple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE (2022), the feature starts a countdown when it thinks the user has been in a crash, resulting in an automated call to emergency services.

The feature has also been falsely activated on rollercoasters.

Apple has attempted to address the issue through its iOS 16.1.2 release that deals with “Crash Detection optimizations.” However, it remains unclear if the update has solved the matter.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: The Japan News Via: 9to5Mac