1Password 8 update bringing new updates including more customization options

The password management app is bringing a small selection of improvements to iOS and Android

Popular password management software 1Password is offering even more improvements and optimizations to iOS and Android. The new 1Password 8 update, rolling out soon, will add even more customization options and home screen improvements.

In a recent blog post, Toronto-based AgileBits announced the new 1Password 8 update marks the return of the ability to search within any list. This feature was on previous versions of the app, but 1Password removed it. Thankfully, the ability to type a query within the search bar to find exactly what you’re looking for is coming back.

Additionally, 1Password 8 is introducing reordering fields and sections. This highly requested feature is still being tweaked. At launch, there may be some limitations regarding the ability to drag and drop fields. However, the company says the team is working to get more flexibility “into your hands as quickly as possible.”

Some other great highlights include home screen pins, where users can more widely customize different fields. Improvements to FaceID unlocks are also a priority for the company. According to 1Password, “a lot of improvements” have been made for this function to be “more consistent.”

1Password is also listening to user feedback, integrating the use of device PIN codes or patterns to unlock 1Password. This will undoubtedly help streamline privacy on a device. The company also states that biometrics and account passwords can continue to be used if preferred.

The VoiceOver feature from Apple is also being improved. The company claims it no longer gets stuck in text fields. 1Password 8 has also introduced the option to enforce 2FA using security keys only. Plus, the ability to edit and delete vaults on iOS and Android is on the way.

As of the time of writing, there’s no telling when this update will be available to all users. However, the blog post makes it clear it may be readily available soon.

Image credit: 1Password

Source: 1Password