Logitech’s Project Ghost is where I want to conduct all my video calls

Logitech and Steelcase are partnering on an ambitious videoconferencing station

Logitech, a company synonymous with computer accessories, has plans to enter a new product category.

The accessory maker has revealed an ambitious prototype called Project Ghost, a video conferencing pod that integrates its suite of technology and hardware with the work of furniture maker Steelcase.

Project Ghost is designed to be a top-of-the-line video chat booth, mixing comfort and functionality with Logitech’s advanced technology to create a projection of the person you’re having a conversation with. Steelcase deals with the furnishing aspect, and provides a comfortable booth setting perfect for long calls.

Logitech’s Project Ghost sounds similar to Google’s Project Starline. The former brilliantly opts to use already-made devices in order to enhance a video call. Google’s project, on the other hand, is a bit out there, creating a booth where people interact with hologram-like projections. Logitech’s version, due to the technology used, is reported to be more similar to a teleprompter. Logitech uses a special slate of glass on an angle between a standard display, creating what’s known as the Pepper’s Ghost effect (hence Project Ghost).

Project Ghost is still very much in the early design phase. Renders of the booth have been released, and overall, it seems like a comfortable setup. Mixing comfort and functionality, Project Ghost offers a small loveseat for users to sit in with a side table. In front is a housing unit comprised of a display, camera, microphone, and speakers. It’s hard to say how soundproof the booth will be. There do appear to be enclosed sides to the unit as well as what appears to be a flip-down top. The outside of the unit is constructed of wooden slates, offering a pretty neat design touch.

Logitech says it aims to launch Project Ghost within a year. The company is currently showing the booth to the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) conference in Barcelona, Spain. Attendees will also have the chance to see the unit interact with Steelcase’s office in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The closed event will see people in Barcelona have a video conferencing call with those in Grand Rapids.

As far as cost is concerned, Project Ghost will unlikely be a consumer purchase for the most part. Alex Mooney, manager of alliances and go-to-market for Logitech states that the MSRP for Project Ghost’s Rally system is $2,099 USD (around $2,799 CAD). Incorporate the costs of Steelcase’s furnishings, and the booth will likely cost over $10,000 in Canada. Therefore, Project Ghost will likely be more widely adopted in offices.

Image credit: Logitech

Via: The Verge