OnePlus took a page from Samsung’s playbook for rumoured foldable names

The company reportedly trademarked the names 'OnePlus V Fold' and 'V Flip'

OnePlus appears to have taken a page out of Samsung’s playbook when picking names for its upcoming foldable devices.

The company reportedly trademarked the names ‘OnePlus V Fold’ and ‘OnePlus V Flip’ in China, as shared by Mukul Sharma on Twitter (via Android Police).

Along with the names, Sharma said that OnePlus had begun internal testing of at least one of the devices in several regions, including Europe.

These names are very similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip, which are now on their fourth iteration, with rumours about the fifth already circulating.

Assuming OnePlus took inspiration from more than just Samsung’s names, the two devices in question here will likely be a handset that folds out into a tablet-size devices (the V Fold) and a handset that flips open into a smartphone-size device (the V Flip). Moreover, the ‘V’ arguably better represents how these devices fold than Samsung’s ‘Z.’

Anyway, it’s worth keeping in mind that these are rumours and, even if OnePlus did trademark the names, it doesn’t mean the company will launch foldables anytime soon. Companies have a tendency the nab trademarks and patents for things even if there aren’t immediate plans to make those products.

And, as Android Police pointed out, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau previously said foldables had too many shortcomings. Of course, Lau could have had a change of heart since then (and OnePlus did tease images of a hinge last year).

Rumours aside, the next big device coming from OnePlus will be the OnePlus 11, set to launch at a February 7th event.

Source: @stufflistings Via: Android Police