Nothing’s Ear (2) wireless earbuds could look a lot like the Nothing Ear (1)s

The new earbuds reportedly feature personalized ANC, which would allow the user to set the intensity of noise cancellation according to their preference

Carl Pei’s Nothing Ear (1) earbuds were an overall critical success thanks to their great transparent design, decent battery life and a solid accompanying app.

Now, the London, England-based company is reportedly working on the successor to the Ear (1), and leaked press renders of the buds show a rather similar design.

First shared by reliable industry leaker @OnLeaks (via SmartPrix), the Ear (2)s seemingly only feature slight visual changes when compared to the Ear (1).

As reported by SmartPrix, the only external visual difference between the Ear (1) and the Ear (2) is the change in position of the noise-canceling microphone.

The microphone was located at the top of the earbud in the Ear (1), but has seemingly been moved to the side of the earbud, as seen in the image below. Minor internal changes also result in a slightly different look on the stem of the earbud.

SmartPrix also revealed that the new earbuds would feature personalized ANC, allowing the user to set the intensity of noise cancellation according to their preference. There will also be a transparency mode, which was also present on the Ear (1), alongside support for dual connectivity, allowing the device to be paired two two devices at once for ease of switching.

“Nothing is also adding support for Advanced EQ with the custom settings and the Find Earbuds Feature,” concluded SmartPrix.

It is currently unknown when the Ear (2) could release, but considering how detailed the press renders look, it could be a matter of weeks until we see the buds announced.

Image credit: SmartPrix

Source: @OnLeaks Via SmartPrix