New GPT-3.5-powered Teams Premium feature can take notes for you

There are also quite a few features that are moving from regular Teams to paid Teams

Microsoft is adding more features to its Premium paid version of Teams.

Notably, the paid platform gives users access to advanced AI capabilities powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 language model. The tool is used in a new “intelligent recap” feature, that automatically generates notes, tasks, and meeting highlights, making it easier for users to catch up on missed meetings or meetings where they weren’t paying attention.

Microsoft started offering a 30-day free trial of Teams Premium last month, and the platform will soon have access to exclusive features like live translated captions, custom Together Mode scenes, and virtual appointment options, in addition to intelligent recap.

The recap includes a full transcript with each speaker’s contributions highlighted in a timeline, as well as personalized markers for mentions. Most of the intelligent recap features are available now, although some won’t be available until Q2 2023.

Regular Teams features that are moving to Teams Premium are:

  • Live translated captions
  • Timeline markers in Teams meeting recordings for when a user left or joined meetings
  • Custom organization Together mode scenes
  • Virtual Appointments: SMS notifications
  • Virtual Appointments: Organizational analytics in the Teams admin center
  • Virtual Appointments: Scheduled queue view

Apart from the intelligent recap, Teams Premium also features meeting privacy and protection tools. As shared by The Verge, safeguard in place are watermarking and labeling of sensitive content during meetings, in addition to the ability to restrict users from recording meetings and/or copying text from meeting chat.

Microsoft Teams Premium is now available in the U.S. for $10 (roughly $13 CAD). It is currently unknown when the plan would launch in Canada, though you can sign up on Microsoft’s website to stay informed about developments.

Image credit: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft Via: The Verge