Sonos offering speakers and soundbars for up to $400 off

Get the Premium Sonos Entertainment Set with a Beam for $1,283 (regularly $1,508)

Sonos Beam

Sonos is offering solid discounts on its premium soundbars, subwoofers, speakers, complete home theatre sets and more, just in time for Super Bowl Sunday on February 12th.

Check out the deals from the promotion below:

Arc: $949 (regularly $1,099)

Sub (Gen 3): $799 (regularly $949)

Beam (Gen 2): $484 (regularly $559)

One: $219 (regularly $269)

Immersive Set with Arc: $2,186 (regularly $2,586)

Two Room Set with Sonos One: $438 (regularly $538)

Premium Entertainment Set with Arc: $1,748 (regularly $2,048)

Immersive Set with Beam: $1,531 (regularly $1,606)

Entertainment Set with Beam: $1,o33 (regularly $1,108)

2 Room Set with Arc: $1,448 (regularly $1,598)

Indoor / Outdoor Set: $718 (regularly $768)

Surround Set with Arc: $1,447 (regularly $1,597)

Surround Set with Beam: $982 (regularly $1,057)

Arc Mount Set: $1,038 (regularly $1,188)

Immersive Set with Beam with Sub Gen 3: $1,721 (regularly $2,046)

Beam Mount Set: $553 (regularly $628)

Premium Entertainment Set with Beam: $1,283 (regularly $1,508)

Premium Home Theatre Completion Set with One: $1,237 (regularly $1,487)

Premium Home Theatre Completion Set with One SL: $1,297 (regularly $1,447)

The Sonos sale ends on Sunday, February 12th.

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