Uber relaunches ride share program under new name

UberX Share is available in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver

Uber customers now have a more affordable, albeit familiar, option to pick from when choosing a ride.

Under UberX Share, riders in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal can cut the cost of their ride by sharing it with others. Uber previously offered the program under UberPool but paused it in 2020 due to the rise of COVID-19.

Under the revamped program, riders will save upto 20 percent through an “upfront discount,” with an additional five percent if they have a Uber One membership.

“We know affordability plays a role when people are making decisions on how to get from point A to B,” Michael van Hemmen, general manager of Uber Canada Mobility, said. “This new shared rides option will provide a more affordable and sustainable experience for riders and the cities we serve.”

The company says drivers will have a similar experience to UberX, earning the “same recommended rates.” However, with more riders, the trip will likely be longer, leading to a larger fare. The company is also offering drivers a $1 incentive when they pick up a second rider.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: Uber