Save $35 on an Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 on Amazon

Amazon Canada is offering 15 percent off the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2.

Now, you can snag the premium black gamepad for $194.99 CAD, down from the usual $229.99. You can order the controller from Amazon here.

The Elite Controller Series 2 is a modular gamepad that lets you add and swap out thumbsticks and paddles. It’s worth noting that MobileSyrup editor-in-chief Patrick O’Rourke has had some issues with the otherwise well-received Series 2, so your mileage may vary.

You can create a custom Elite Controller Series 2 through Xbox’s Design Lab program, although that isn’t on sale. Amazon also carries a white Series 2 gamepad without some of the extra add-on components for the regular price of $154.85.