Apple hosting Employee-Only AI Summit at Apple Park next week

Reports claim Apple is hosting an in-person employee event focused on AI

Apple Park

Apple is reported to be holding an in-person AI summit at the Steve Jobs Theater next week. Nestled in Apple Park, an employee-exclusive event appears to mark a return of Apple’s pre-COVID events model.

Many large tech companies are getting entangled in the conversation of AI. Apple is among them as Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims an event “like a WWDC but for AI” is around the corner. However, rather than invite media and developers to hear about new innovations, Apple’s summit will apparently be “only for Apple employees.”

The AI summit is due to be held next week in Cupertino, California at the company’s headquarters. Apparently, the event will primarily involve employees attending. However, it’s said to be streamed as well. Gurman makes a note stating this is “essentially how Apple held media events pre-Covid.” Prior to the pandemic, Apple commonly invited journalists to the Steve Jobs Theater to witness the reveal of new products like the iPhone. Live stream options were also available. The upcoming summit may signal a return to a bygone approach to events.

As for what will be discussed at the AI summit is still anyone’s guess. Given this is an employee-exclusive event, it’s likely that consumer-focused innovations will not be announced. Instead, Apple will probably discuss further investments in machine learning and how AI can benefit Apple’s core development.

Apple is far from the only company with AI on its mind in 2023. OpenAI’s ChatGPT is gaining more traction following its launch two months ago. Microsoft is already looking to make significant investments into ChatGPT, including possible integration into its Bing browser. Google is also looking at AI with its ChatGPT competitor, Bard. Announced this week, Bard may soon be able to refine search queries and answer them “in a human-like manner.”

Image credit: Apple

Source: @markgurman