Several new features for Status on WhatsApp rolling out now

The new features are rolling out globally now, and should be available to everyone in the coming weeks

Meta-owned WhatsApp added the ability to add story-like status to user profiles back in 2017. Since then, the feature hasn’t received a significant upgrade.

That is, until now.

As detailed in a blog post, WhatsApp is adding the ability for users to add a voice status, react to your friends’ status, and more.

For starters, WhatsApp users would now be able to make their status more private than before. By selecting a new share with “My contacts,” “My contacts except” or “only share with” setting, users would be able to decide who does and doesn’t see their stories/status.

Next up, WhatsApp will now allow users to share up to 30-second long voice notes as status updated, moving away from the regular image/video format. “Voice status can be used for sending more personal updates, especially if you feel more comfortable expressing yourself by talking rather than typing,” wrote the company in its blog post.

Thirdly, just like Instagram, WhatsApp users would now be able to react to other users’ status with reactions, giving you a quick and easy way to respond to a status and let your feelings be known. This was reportedly the most requested feature users wanted.

To respond to a Status, swipe up on it and tap on one of the eight available emoji reactions.

Next up is ‘Status Profile Rings for New Updates.’ According to WhatsApp, with the new feature, you’ll never miss a status update from a loved one. The feature will add a ring around your contacts’ profile pictures whenever they share a status update. The ring will be visible in the chat list, group participant lists and in contact information.

Lastly, if you’re sharing a link in your status, those who view it w=ill also see a visual preview of the link, similar to how it shows when you share a link in messages. The change would allow you to get an idea of the content the link would take you to, making it easier to decide if you want to click on it or not.

WhatsApp says these feature are now rolling out globally, and should be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

Image credit: WhatsApp

Source: WhatsApp