Google debuts new Pixel 7 Super Bowl ad

Google's Sunday just got super

Football fans taking in Super Bowl LVII this Sunday can expect to see a new ad for the highly acclaimed Google Pixel 7.

The upcoming spot focuses on Google’s latest smartphone’s ‘Magic Eraser’ and ‘Photo Unblur’ features, allowing users to unblur noise in photos, or delete/change the color of objects in their pictures. The ad runs 90 seconds and will air sometime during the second quarter of the big game.

See the full ad below:

It shows users erasing various mishaps from their photos. They go about deleting everything from a goofy sibling to even that one ex they probably want to forget about, all set to Missy Elliot’s “We Run This.”

The Super Bowl spot  even features appearances from comedian Amy Schumer, rapper Doja Cat, and NBA superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo.

This comes as the second year in a row that Google spotlighted its smartphone line at the Super Bowl. Last year, the tech giant employed the talents of Lizzo for a commercial focused on the Pixel 6’s Real Tone feature.

Super Bowl ds centered on their hardware have been uncommon for Google. The company usually opts to use the advertising time to promote its software and services.

Image credit: Google