Searching for real estate? Get ready for property descriptions generated by ChatGPT

ChatGPT has partnered with Canadian real estate tech company RESAAS

ChatGPT has now entered the real estate market thanks to Resaas Services Inc.

The Vancouver based company provides technology solutions for the real estate industry through various subscription plans for real estate agents.

The partnership will allow agents subscribing to Resaas’ premium and ultimate plans to complete various tasks, such as creating property descriptions. Agents will provide “key information” to ChatGPT and will receive “a unique and accurate property description” within seconds.

“By combining the cutting-edge technology of ChatGPT with the vast amount of unique real estate data Resaas generates, we are able to provide a valuable tool to help Resaas agents succeed in an increasingly competitive market,”  Tom Rossiter, the CEO of Resaas, said.

The chatbot has gained immense popularity since it launched, lending its capabilities to various industries and companies, including Microsoft. However, ChatGPT does have its problems, bias being one of them. It’s unclear how Resaas will deal with such issues if they arise in the partnership.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: Resaas Services