Student causes police scare because of Nintendo Direct

A scary situation all because of some Nintendo announcements

A police scare happened today at California State University (CSU), and a Nintendo Direct is to blame.

The CSU police department is on high alert after staff received a “vague threat” so a student could watch today’s Nintendo Direct

Police discovered the potential threat when a Professor forwarded the Department an email from a student. The email “referenced a once-in-a-lifetime event” that would occur on February 8th and asked the professor “to cancel class for the good of humanity.”

Acting police chief Scot Whiley said in a statement, “After hours of investigating, we learned of a Nintendo Direct event that would occur at the exact date and time the individual suggested class be cancelled.” So, it is assumed this is the reason for the initial “threat.”

According to police, the student claimed, after the scare, that the whole thing was a bad joke. Despite this, CSU will see an increased security presence over the coming days.

Wiley closed in noting, “that a threat of any kind, real or not, causes many to fear for their safety.”

The latest Nintendo Direct airs live on Wednesday, February 8, at 2PM PST / 5PM EST.

Via: GamesRadar