CRTC chair promises timely process in response to Ministers letter

Vicky Eatrides said the CRTC is also working to review the wholesale internet framework

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Vicky Eatrides wants to ensure federal Ministers that she will work alongside Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) staff to “meet the needs of all Canadians.”

Eatrides shared the words in response to a letter from Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez and Innovation Minister François-Philippe Champagne outlining the government’s priorities.

Part of the commission’s work includes getting ready to launch a public consultation examining how they can increase the resilience and reliance of telecom networks in Canada. The CRTC is also working to implement a new approach to mobile wireless services and review the framework surrounding wholesale internet.

“As Canada’s broadcasting industry is undergoing significant change, the CRTC is following legislative developments and will be ready to build the regulatory frameworks required to ensure the timely and effective implementation of Bill C-11…and Bill C-18… if adopted by Parliament,” she added.

One of the concerns outlined by the Ministers, and echoed by Canadians, is the amount of time it takes the CRTC to share decisions. Eatrides said the commission is working on addressing timeliness, accessibility, and openness.

“We will ensure that Canadians can take advantage of the new possibilities of the digital age and that no one is left behind as new technologies change our industries and lives,” Eatrides concludes.

Source: CRTC