Opera follows Microsoft, integrates ChatGPT into its browser

Opera said it's testing a feature where users can summarize web content through ChatGPT with a single click

Opera ChatGPT

Opera is the latest web browser to join the AI wars by integrating ChatGPT.

Announced in a blog post last week, Opera detailed its plans to make AI features available in the browser. First, the browser’s sidebar — which currently gives users access to online platforms like TikTok, Telegram and WhatsApp — will now give access to ChatGPT too.

Along with the sidebar feature, Opera highlighted a feature that leverages ChatGPT to summarize web content.

In the blog post, Opera said it plans to test a ‘Shorten’ button in the address bar. Clicking the button opens the ChatGPT sidebar and prompts it to generate a summary of the webpage.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Opera ChatGPT integration stacks up to Microsoft’s Edge and Bing features. After spending some hands-on time with Bing Chat — the name of Microsoft’s ChatGPT-based conversational AI — I noted that having access to up-to-date information was a major strength that helped Bing Chat feel more useful than ChatGPT.

Moreover, given the ongoing trend of adding AI features into browsers, I suspect we’ll see something come to Google Chrome in the future, assuming Google can get it together after the messy Bard reveal.

Header image credit: Opera

Source: Opera