Tesla owners omitted from Netflix’s new password-sharing policies

Following Netflix’s crackdown on password sharing, the company confirms Telsa owners are unaffected

Netflix is omitting Tesla owners from its new password-sharing policies.

Last week, the streaming service cracked down on the ability to share accounts with those outside of the primary household. Since Tesla vehicles are unable to abide by the new policy, Netflix is making an exception.

In Canada, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, and other regions around the world, Netflix now charges a $7.99 fee to add an extra user outside of the primary household. Tesla owners began to worry as the newly introduced notification popped up on their infotainment center within the vehicle. “A Netflix account is for people who live in the same location,” the message reads.

For households in Canada, primary account holders must then open Netflix and set their primary location. This then binds their account to an I.P. address. Anyone living outside of this location must be added to the account as a sub-account. For Tesla owners, this became a cause for concern as many believed they’d be locked out of their accounts.

Thankfully, those worries can be set aside. When speaking to Tesla North, Netflix confirms that Tesla owners can continue using its streaming service in their vehicles as normal. The outlet asked if owners would have to sign into their home Wi-Fi once per month as was previously rumoured. This does not appear to be the case. Tesla owners don’t appear to have to jump through any hoops to continue their service.

Netflix’s service across Tesla’s vehicles remains active worldwide. The only exception remains to be Hong Kong, where it’s unavailable.

The streamer’s recent crackdown on password sharing has been met with significant criticism. The new policy itself has a lot of restrictions in that the $7.99 monthly cost to add a sub-account isn’t accessible to those on the ad-tier or Basic plan. Those subscribing to the Standard tier can only add one other person.

In order to add the maximum of two sub-accounts, users must be subscribed to the $21.99/month Premium tier, bringing the total monthly cost to nearly $38.

Via: Tesla North