Twitter flooding For You feeds with Elon Musk’s tweets

That's one way to boost views of your tweets

Several Twitter users are noticing significantly more Elon Musk in their ‘For You’ feed just days after he fired a Twitter engineer during a meeting about his plummeting view counts.

As detailed by The Verge, Twitter’s For You page is full of tweets from Musk and Musk’s replies to other tweets. The publication’s senior editor, Tom Warren, shared a clip of his For You feed showing seven Musk tweets and replies in a row. Not everyone appears to be afflicted with the Musk feed — my Twitter For You remains blissfully Musk-free — but even some people who don’t follow Twitter’s CEO have encountered the new feed.

Musk acknowledged the issue early Tuesday morning, tweeting that Twitter will “make adjustments to the uh… ‘algorithm.'”

As mentioned up top, the For You change comes just days after reports emerged that Musk fired a Twitter engineer after the engineer tried to explain to Musk why his tweets received less engagement than before (the reason being that Musk’s popularity had waned, which Musk clearly didn’t take well.)

The Verge notes that Twitter rolled out a change to fix Musk’s “visibility” issue over the weekend after Musk tweeted that the problem resulted in “up to 95 percent of my tweets not getting delivered at all.”

Chances are that change and the flood of Musk in people’s feeds are connected. It remains to be seen what impact, if any, Musk’s “adjustments” have on the number of his tweets on the For You page. For the time being, it serves as another reason to avoid the For You page.

Source: Elon Musk Via: The Verge