Elon Musk says Twitter isn’t ready for a new CEO just yet

But this might change by the end of the year

It looks like Elon Musk is staying on as Twitter CEO for another year, at the minimum.

In a video appearance at the World Government Summit in Dubai, Musk said “the end of the year would be good timing to find someone else to run the company.”

As Bloomberg reports, this means Musk will lead the company for at least another year.

“I need to stabilize the organization and just make sure it’s in a financially healthy place in that the product roadmap is clearly laid out,” Musk continued in the video.

The statement follows reports Musk has been looking for a new CEO for the company for the past couple of months.

Musk also conducted a poll in December asking Twitter users if he should step down from the top job. A majority wanted him gone.

Some of the dislike for Musk likely comes from his erratic changes to the social media platform. Mass layoffs, API changes, and buying verified statuses are part of his many moves since buying the company last year. But it’s possible more changes will come.

Twitter is “still somewhat of a startup in reverse,” Musk said, adding more needs to be done to get it to a “stable position.”

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Via: Bloomberg