Rogers offering some $60/100GB win-back offer

Former Rogers customers might want to keep an eye out for communications from the carrier

It looks like carriers are out with crazy win-back deals once again. MobileSyrup’s own head of creative, Brad Bennett, received a call from Rogers offering a win-back deal of $60/mo for two years for a 100GB plan with unlimited Canada/U.S. calling, texting and data.

According to details shared with Bennett, the plan includes a $25/mo win-back discount and another $35/mo bring-your-own-phone (BYOP) discount. Presumably, there’s an autopay discount in there somewhere too.

It appears the plan in question is Rogers’ $125/mo ‘Infinite Premium’ plan, which offers 100GB of data at up to 1Gbps speeds (throttled to 512Kbps for use beyond the 100GB allotment). It also includes unlimited international texting and unlimited calling, texting and data within Canada and the U.S.

Rogers’ $125/mo 100GB plan.

Previously, Bennett was paying $80/mo for a 50GB Canada/U.S. plan from Telus. This plan has a small discount applied to it and when he signed up, it was $90.

Obviously, your mileage will vary when it comes to getting a deal like this. Win-back offers are hard to come by and may be based on your current plan, but if you’ve recently switched away from Rogers (or another carrier), keep an eye out for any calls or messages from your old carrier. You never know what they might offer you.