Samsung Galaxy S23 series’ display consumes less power

The new display improves luminance and decreases power consumption

Samsung Display has revealed that the S23 series utilizes a new OLED panel to improve power efficiency. According to the company (via SamMobile) the screen uses a new organic material to improve luminance and decrease power consumption.

Samsung improved the movement speed of electrons in the organic layer, and now the display consumes 13 to 16 percent less power to achieve the same brightness level. Further, XDA’s display expert Dylan Raga says that the S23 series consumes 0.6W less power to achieve 1,150 nits brightness than the iPhone 14 Pro.

The handset also offers Eye Care certification and Vision Booster that improve colours under bright lighting conditions.

The S23 series’ OLED panel features 1,750 nits of peak brightness, which is the same as the S22 Ultra. However, this new panel should help with power consumption at this higher brightness.

In my time with the S23 Ultra so far, I’ve noticed that the phone’s battery lasts longer, as compared to its predecessor, and now we know its display is likely one of the key reasons.

Source: SamMobile