Snap rolls out Ray Tracing technology to developers worldwide

Thanks to the technology, Snapchatters can now try on Tiffany Lock bracelets from Tiffany & Co.

Snap’s ongoing work in the world of augmented reality has led to a new development.

The company has introduced Ray Tracing to developers. Described as a “technical capability,” it can enhance realism in AR experiences by “reflecting light on digital objects.” This means lenses that feature AR diamond jewelry, for example, will look more realistic.

Since we’re talking about diamonds, it only makes sense that Tiffany & Co. be the first to levrage Ray Tracing. With the Tiffany Lock Lens, Snapchatters can try on the company’s Lock bracelts and even purchase them through the app.

Head to their website for the QR code. The lens is available to iOS and Android users around the world.

Image credit: Snap

Source: Snap