Susan Wojcicki stepping down as YouTube CEO

Neal Mohan will takeover the role of CEO


In an email to employees, Susan Wojcicki shared that she will be stepping away from the top role at YouTube.

In the message, which has since been shared publicly, Wojcicki said she wants to “start a new chapter” focusing on family and personal projects she’s passionate about.

Wojcicki worked on a multitude of projects, including co-creating Google Image Search. She was part of the original team that launched Google and has served as YouTube CEO for nine years.

Neal Mohan will take over as the senior vice president and new YouTube head, the message states. Wojcicki says she has worked with Mohan over the past 15 years and she plans to stay on in the short-term to aid the transition. In the long-term, she’ll work as an advisor for Google and Alphabet.

“This will allow me to call on my different experiences over the years to offer counsel and guidance across Google and the portfolio of Alphabet companies,” Wojcicki wrote.

Source: YouTube