Samsung might bring back its FE series this year

Samsung's Galaxy S23 FE could launch in August or September

Unlike Google or Apple, Samsung offers a variety of smartphone lineups, including its S series, A series, Z series, and more. Last year, we missed one of the company’s most popular series, the FE series, but it might be coming back if recent rumours are accurate.

According to the South Korean outlet Hankooki, Samsug’s Fan Edition line could return this year sometime in August or September. The report also indicates that Samsung won’t launch its mid-range A74 handset this year.

The S23 FE falls into the entry-level category, so it makes sense for Samsung to ditch its mid-range A74 handset since they target similar audiences. Even though it’ll be more affordable than all of the S23 series, the phone will likely still offer great specs, similar to the S21 FE released last Februrary.

We’re still several months from the rumoured S23 FE’s potential release date, so it’s important to note that Samsung’s plans could change.

Source: Hanooki.com Via: Android Police