Telus reportedly considered removing $85/mo 25GB plan, adjusting other plan prices

Telus says "nothing is changing" with its current plans

MobileSyrup has learned details of changes Telus planned to implement to its mobile offerings starting February 21st, which include eliminating the lowest cost plan and adjusting pricing across the board.

These upcoming plan changes were linked to a change Telus made to its website that MobileSyrup reported on earlier this week. On February 15th, Telus added a banner to the plans on its website warning that the plans would end on February 20th. Following publication, Telus removed the banners from the website.

A Telus spokesperson confirmed to MobileSyrup that the banners were put up “in error” and were taken down.

According to the information obtained by MobileSyrup, Telus backtracked on the forthcoming plan changes and scrapped the plans. MobileSyrup understands that Telus doesn’t know if or when it will make the changes.

A Telus spokesperson told MobileSyrup that “nothing is changing” with the current plans on its website and didn’t respond to questions about whether Telus had previously intended to change its plans.

Based on the information obtained by MobileSyrup, Telus planned to remove its current base plan, which offers 25GB of 5G data at speeds of up to 250Mbps (throttled to 512Kbps beyond the 25GB) for $85/mo. The plan also includes Telus’ standard suite of features, including unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, shareable data, voicemail and more.

Telus plans as of February 15, 2023 with the February 20th banner.

Next, Telus planned to offer a $90/mo plan at the base level. This plan would include 50GB of 5G+ data — Telus’ current 5G+ plan offer data with speeds of up to 1Gbps (again, throttled to 512Kbps beyond the data allotment). This plan appears to be a slightly cheaper version of Telus’ current $95/50GB 5G+ plan.

The other changes shared with MobileSyrup include adding a $100/mo plan with 100GB of 5G+ data and a $110/100GB 5G+ plan. The difference between these two plans would be the $110 option includes Canada/U.S. calling, texting and data. Those appear to be replacements for Telus’ current $105/60GB and $125/100GB plans, both of which offer Canada/U.S. calling.

Aside from removing the $85/mo plan, these changes generally appear positive with slightly lower prices and the same or more data. It remains to be seen if Telus will eventually make these changes.