Pedro Pascal’s favourite place in Alberta appears in The Last of Us this week

"Every inch of Canmore was just this magical little town..."

The Last of Us Tommy and Joel

When we spoke with The Last of Us stars Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, they had nothing but lovely things to say about Alberta as a whole.

But of all the places they visited during their year-long shoot in the province, there was one place, in particular, that stood out: Canmore.

“My favourite place that we went to was Canmore, for sure,” Ramsey noted, to which Pascal excitedly agreed. “Every inch of Canmore was just this magical little town… with really great fudge,” he added. (Sadly, we weren’t able to ask where he got said fudge.)


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Now, we’re finally getting to see the small Alberta town in the hit HBO drama series. In the sixth episode, premiering February 19th, Joel (Pascal) and Ellie (Ramsey) head to Jackson, Wyoming to find Joel’s brother, Tommy (Gabriel Luna). As co-creator/co-showrunner Craig Mazin told us, Canmore was a “dead ringer” for Jackson thanks to its beautiful, snowy vistas.

It’s worth noting that The Last of Us has been renewed for a second season, which will adapt The Last of Us Part II. The game’s opening hours are also set in Jackson, so it remains to be seen if HBO will bring the production back to Canmore for these scenes. For now, though, we have Episode 6 (titled “Kin”) to enjoy, as well as the remaining three episodes.

Part of the appeal of The Last of Us has been to see all of Alberta’s stunning geography, and it’s something that the cast and crew have continued to praise. In a recent interview, Jeffrey Pierce, who plays Perry in the series and Tommy in the games, told us that his time shooting in Calgary was likely his “favourite” filming experience to date. John Paino, the series’ production designer, has also said that he was “shocked” at how “clean” Alberta ended up being.

If you want to follow along with the massive Canadian production, Travel Alberta has a tool that breaks down where each episode was filmed in the province.

The Last of Us is streaming exclusively on Crave in Canada.

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