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Toyota Tundra Capstone

While most sixth graders build baking soda volcanoes or soil decomposition projects for the science fair, Sean Hammond had an idea that was a little more forward-thinking. Seeing the potential for solar energy, Sean built a solar-fueled air heat-exchanger. Jump ahead an undisclosed amount of decades and Sean now runs his own solar energy company in the Muskoka region, Hammond Energy.

Having the knowledge and ability to work with technology such as solar energy is one thing, but having the foresight to invest in a technology that would become essential is something else entirely. Speaking to Sean, it’s easy to see why he’s always been ahead of the curve — he’s building the future he dreamed of as a kid.

Science without the fiction

The technology that we remember from science fiction as kids is now more science than fiction. The touchscreen devices we once saw on television are commonplace. Voice-controlled artificial intelligence can direct us to our destinations. And Sean’s dream of using solar energy to enhance his life—and the lives of those around him—has become a reality.

That’s why he drives a Toyota Tundra Capstone.

Toyota Tundra and solar panels

While Sean handles the duties of a President—the constant emailing, client calls, and employee management—he’s also out in the field every day. He needs a truck that can handle heavy equipment, keep him connected on the road, and fit his lifestyle.

“It just fits,” Sean says. “I use it for work, for play, it’s got hybrid power technology—and it’s not too hard on the eyes either.”

Hybrid powertrain and capability

The Tundra is Toyota’s take on the modern truck. It has a chiselled design with distinct edges, bold colours, and a fully boxed frame that’s stronger and lighter than previous models. It’s built to handle highways, dirt roads, and rocky paths in equal measure. And as Sean said, it’s equipped with a hybrid powertrain to boot.

That i-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain provides Sean with an incredible 500lb-ft of torque and 437 horsepower, making swift acceleration off the line, or driving up a steep hill no match for this truck.

Nowadays, though, trucks need to offer more than just brute force. That’s why the Tundra is equipped with intelligent systems that are designed to keep up with its drivers. Whether you’re descending steep hills on uneven terrain, or towing heavy equipment uphill, the Tundra has driver-assist technology designed to get you where you’re going with ease and precision.

And with a cabin cloaked in semi-aniline leather and acoustic noise cancelling glass, this is a premium driving experience, without sacrificing power or performance needed to get the job done.

For people like Sean who need to go off-road for their work, the three-mode crawl control, multi-terrain select, and downhill assist controls are essential features. They automatically adjust the throttle and brakes to ensure ascending and descending are safe on uneasy terrain.

Cabin technology

This wouldn’t be a MobileSyrup article if we didn’t focus on the technology. And the Toyota Tundra is loaded with cabin tech that will keep you comfortable and connected.

The Tundra Capstone is equipped with a massive 14-inch multimedia display that can be paired with your favourite apps. Artificial intelligence and voice commands will feel right at home for smart device users. And thanks to the wireless charging, you won’t have to worry about forgetting your cables at home or missing a call on the road.

The Tundra has several quality-of-life touches that are very welcome, including Cloud Navigation and user profiles allowing you to save audio settings for each driver. You will no longer be stuck searching for radio stations because your partner already took all of the presets. And for navigation, it will remember your contacts and favourite destinations to get you on the road faster.

Pairing with your smartphone, you can also perform actions such as sharing your estimated arrival time with contacts. If you’re running late to a client meeting, being able to let them know when you’ll arrive is brilliant. Plus the phone-like touch screen allows users to quickly and easily navigate the screen while keeping their focus on the road.

And the best features are saved for when you’re on the road. The Tundra features an available heads-up display that communicates important information on the bottom of the windshield. It’s a premium feature that, once experienced, can’t be forgotten. It keeps your eyes on the road and brings back that science-fiction feel to the experience. Add in an available digital rearview mirror, pano-view cameras, and telescoping wheel, and you have a cabin filled with technology that’s not only convenient, but feels essential.

The future of trucks

When Sean speaks about working with solar energy, there’s not one reason behind it; there are many. It supports his family’s lifestyle, it’s sustainable, and it’s future-proofing his life. That’s how he sees his Toyota Tundra—it’s the culmination of years of hard work.

“I’ve driven a Toyota for as long as I can remember,” Sean says. “This is my third one. I’m proud to be part of something that I can leave for future generations. And my Tundra is a big part of that.”

You can learn more about Sean’s journey and the Toyota Tundra at Toyota Canada.

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