Activision acknowledges Call of Duty hack, denies claims that personal data was compromised

However, the person who leaked this incident says otherwise

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Activision has confirmed that it fell victim to a data breach in December 2022.

The incident was first reported by malware-focused Twitter user @vxunderground and corroborated by credible leaker site Insider Gaming. According to @vxunderground, an Activision HR employee’s computer was hacked, which led to a slew of company data being accessed. While it’s said that no player data was breached, @vxunderground that employee information like names, emails, phone numbers, places of work and salaries were leaked.

However, Activision denied this in a statement to Insider Gaming, claiming that it “quickly resolved” the issue and determined that “no sensitive employee data, game code, or player data was accessed.”

Even if Activision is being truthful, @vxunderground points out that the company didn’t actually inform anyone of the breach. Indeed, the company is only addressing it now, more than two months later, after it had come to light from other sources.

Meanwhile, the leak also revealed a slew of information for future Call of Duty titles, including DLC for last year’s Modern Warfare 2, this year’s rumoured smaller-scale title and next year’s entry. We won’t share that here in case you want to avoid any potential spoilers, but more information can be found in @vxunderground’s Twitter thread.

Source: @vxunderground, Insider Gaming