Bethesda reveals Mighty Doom, a Canadian-made mobile shooter

The titles launches on March 21st, with pre-registrations for it live now

Bethesda has announced that a new game in the Doom franchise is coming next month.

Unlike previous Doom titles, the upcoming game isn’t coming to PC or consoles, and instead, it’s arriving on mobile. Developed by Nova Scotia-based Alpha Dog, the game is called Mighty Doom.

Mighty Doom is an adorably violent top-down, single-touch action shooter introducing the all-new Mini Slayer, set in the animated Doom universe. Run and gun your way through hordes of adorably violent demons, iconic levels, and challenging bosses as you level up, unlock powerful skills, and upgrade gear and weapons,” wrote Bethesda.

The game launches on March 21st, with pre-registrations now live for both Android and iOS. Pre-registration closes on March 19th, 2023.

Further, if you play the title during its global launch period (March 21st through April 20th), you’ll receive a free ‘Mini Slayer’s pack’ with keys, crystals and weapon skins.

Bethesda says that you’ll be able to take control of a ‘mini slayer’ in-game, which will be an all-new, miniaturized but mighty character based on the iconic Doom Slayer. “When an unknown energy surge rips through a Gibbo toy factory, the Mini Slayer is brought to life and transported to an alternate dimension. Your mission? Kill every demon that stands between you and your stolen pet bunny Daisy.”

Learn more about the upcoming mobile title here.

Image credit: Bethesda