Pixel Fold rumoured to sport heavier frame and bigger battery than Galaxy Z Fold 4

Google's first foldable could be a big boi

Google is still on track to release its first foldable, but the device might be one of the heaviest on the market, according to 9to5Google, which says it received the information from a reliable source.

9to5 has learned that the Pixel Fold will be heavier than the Fold 4’s 263g, and weightier than even the 250g Surface Duo. This makes the foldable seem more like a small tablet than a smartphone.

However, the weight is due to the foldable’s larger battery size. 9to5 hasn’t revealed the smartphone’s exact weight, but it will be bigger than the Z Fold 4’s 4,400mAh battery and the Oppo Find N2’s 4,520mAh battery. The Pixel Fold’s battery will still be smaller than 5,000 milliamps, however.

Alongside the larger battery, the Pixel Fold is poised to measure 158.7 x 139.7 x 5.7mm (8.3mm including rear camera bump) and 14mm thick when folded. These measurements make the device wider and thicker than the Z Fold 4.

9to5 says that having a wider internal display in a more rectangular shape instead of Samsung’s squared shape, which will work with large-screen optimization for tablets, as the phone will offer the same aspect ratio.

The handset is rumoured to launch in May alongside Google IO 0r October when Google unveils the Pixel 8 series.

Image credit: Howtosolve

Source: 9to5Google