Microsoft ups cap on Bing AI chat lengths, daily chats

Microsoft added caps after acknowledging Bing Chat got confused if conversations went too long

After acknowledging that long chat sessions confused Bing Chat, Microsoft is back with another blog post about its ongoing efforts to reign in the Bing AI.

Last week, Microsoft explained that lengthy chat sessions confused the language model that Bing Chat uses — as a refresher, Bing Chat runs on an updated version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. That came after a ton of reports surfaced highlighting various odd and unhinged statements made by Bing Chat.

Microsoft’s first attempt to reduce the issue was to limit how many Bing Chat sessions people could have and how long the sessions could go. The company started with a cap of 50 chat turns per day and five chat turns per session, describing a ‘turn’ as “a conversation exchange which contains both a user question and a reply from Bing.”

In the latest blog post, Microsoft said it would increase chat turns per session to six and increase to 60 total chats per day, with plans to expand further, after receiving feedback about the initial cap.

“Our data shows that for the vast majority of you this will enable your natural daily use of Bing. That said, our intention is to go further, and we plan to increase the daily cap to 100 total chats soon. In addition, with this coming change your normal searches will no longer count against your chat totals.”

Microsoft also reiterated plans to allow Bing Chat users to pick a tone for conversations, ranging from ‘Precise’ with shorter, search focused answers, ‘Balanced,’ or ‘Creative’ with longer, chattier answers. However, it’s not clear when this change will arrive.

Source: Microsoft