CRTC wants public opinion on service outages

Canadians can provide comments until March 24th

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The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has launched a consultation focusing on how major telecom outages are reported.

“Canadians are experiencing an increased frequency of outages to crucial telecommunications networks,” the CRTC said in a press release. Recent outages came from Bell Alliant, Telus, and of course, Rogers’ through its July 8th outage. The Commission notes its hiring “an independent firm” to go over Rogers’ plans to prevent future outages.

While the consultations that will contribute to regulatory framework are ongoing, the Commission has directed service providers to inform them of outages within two hours. Providers must also follow up with a report within 14 days of the outage.

Anyone interested in providing comments has until March 24th to do so. You can provide comments online, in writing, or through fax.

The CRTC will introduce more consultations focusing on a number of issues surrounding outages, including accessing emergency services and consumer compensation.

“Canadians need reliable, high-quality telecommunications services,” Vicky Eatrides, the Chair of the CRTC, said. “We are taking action to lessen the disruptive impact of service outages on Canadians, reduce their occurrence and length, and ensure that essential services such as 911 and emergency alerts are always available.”

Source: CRTC