Elon Musk lays off a fresh set of employees after saying dismissals were done

The former Twitter employees were part of the sales and engineering departments

Employees who once successfully avoided major layoffs at Twitter were not safe from future cuts, despite promises from company CEO Elon Musk.

After Musk laid off employees across its headquarters in November, those who remained were told there would be no more layoffs, according to The Verge. But recent events show that hasn’t been the case.

The publication reports the company laid off dozens from Twitter’s sales and engineering departments, including one employee who was responsible for engineering the platform’s ad business.

Musk has also reportedly given employees one week to fix ad targeting in Twitter’s main feed. The Verge reports Musk wants Twitter’s ads to work like Google search ads, focusing on keywords instead of user activity.

One of the laid-off employees is Marcin Kadluczka, an engineer manager for monetization. The Verge reports Kadluczka “reported directly to Musk,” and he issued his one-week deadline just prior to laying off employees.

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Source: The Verge