Nova Scotia invests millions in Pictou County high-speed internet project

The federal government previously invested $31 million in the project

A high-speed internet project from the Municipality of Pictou County has received a funding boost from Nova Scotia.

The project, which aims to bring high-speed internet to 4,700 homes and businesses, will receive $10.6 million from the Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust.

“The Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust shares our commitment to provide Nova Scotians with high-speed internet access,” Nova Scotia’s Community Services Minister, Karla MacFarlane, said. “The Pictou County Rural Broadband Project is an important part of how we will achieve this, and together with our partners, we are pleased to support this expansion.”

The project has a $53 million price tag. The federal government is providing $31 million.

Until the project is complete, residents and businesses can access fixed wireless service. The county started rolling it out in December, and people can switch over when fibre through the project becomes available. Residents and businesses can alternatively access internet through the  Satellite Internet Service Rebate Program.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: The Government of Nova Scotia