Telus says Stream+ customers can’t add extra Netflix members

Stream+ bundles Netflix Premium, Apple TV+, Discovery+ and Telus TV+

Telus Stream+ website on a smartphone.

There’s still some confusion around Netflix’s account-sharing changes in Canada, but generally, Canadian subscribers need to pony up $8 more each month to share Netflix with people outside their households. Except, Canadians who get Netflix through Telus’ Stream+ bundle won’t have that option.

A Telus spokesperson confirmed to MobileSyrup that “At this time, there is no option to add ‘extra members’ to Netflix through your Stream+ account.”

Of course, that leaves some uncertainty. For one, it’s not clear if that means Stream+ customers will be able to continue sharing Netflix with people outside their homes (my guess is this won’t be the case). Moreover, it’s not clear if or when Telus will allow people to add extra members through Stream+, or what impact that will have on billing. Plus, if someone with a Netflix account who added additional members switches to Stream+, it’s not clear what will happen to the additional members.

When pressed for additional information, Telus did not elaborate.

Currently, Stream+ costs $25 per month (or $20 for two years when added alongside an activation or renewal of any Telus 5G+ or CAN-US plan). The Stream+ bundle includes Netflix Premium, Apple TV+, Discovery+ and Telus TV+. Netflix Premium costs $20.99/mo in Canada. Premium also now enables the addition of two extra members at $7.99/mo each — check out how to add members here.

However, the Telus Stream+ website explains in a FAQ section that people with existing Netflix accounts can bring them over to the Stream+ bundle to keep their watch history, preferences and account settings. Importantly, it notes that “billing will also transfer over to Telus.”

Ultimately, several unknowns remain around Netflix and Stream+. My two cents on the issue; Telus will likely adjust Stream+ in the coming weeks to work with extra members. If Telus doesn’t, it sounds like there could maybe be a loophole enabling Stream+ users to keep sharing their accounts, but I really wouldn’t bank on it (and you shouldn’t, either). This story will get updates if Telus provides any more information about Stream+.