Capacity will impact the bills of U.S. Starlink customers – Is Canada next?

RV customers will see their bills increase by $15

Some Starlink customers in the U.S. will see their bills change based on capacity come April 24th.

According to a tweet from Sawyer Merritt, a Tesla investor, customers residing in areas with “excess capacity” will see their bills decrease $20 USD a month to a final cost of $90 USD/month. Those located where Starlink has “limited capacity” will see their bills increase $10 USD/month to $120 USD per month. Starlink for RV customers will also see a $15 USD price hike to $150 USD/month.

Customers have reportedly been notified of their associated price change through email. If responses on Twitter are any indication, customers aren’t happy with the increase.

Merritt points out the change applies to U.S. customers, and it’s unclear if Canadians will also see a price hike. MobileSyrup has reached out to the company and will update this article once a response is available.

Starlink users in Canada last saw a price hike in March 2022. While other countries saw a decrease in the summer, Canada was not on that list.

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Source: @SawyerMerritt/ Twitter