Apple expected to follow up headset with low-end, high-end models in 2025

The 2025 2nd-gen AR/VR headset may come with cheaper options

Apple is reportedly two low- and high-end models for the second-generation of its rumoured mixed-reality headset for 2025. While the world waits for the company to actually announce its plans for augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), plans are already in motion for Apple’s second stint in the space.

TF International Securities’ Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, published a new Medium post outlining current predictions and survey findings. In it, Kuo states, “Apple’s second-generation AR/MR (mixed reality) headset has two high-end and low-end models.” He goes on to claim that both the low-end and high-end follow-ups are to be made by Luxcaseict and Foxconn. Currently, the launch schedule “for both models will likely be in 2025.”

It’s widely believed Apple plans to innovate and continue supporting its AR/VR efforts with a second-gen headset in 2025. However, Kuo’s predictions of Apple incorporating not one but two entry-level and premium devices are new. Last year, Kuo noted that the Cupertino company may be developing a more affordable headset. However, at the time, there wasn’t an indication of more than one SKU per pricing model.

Much like last year’s predictions, Kuo’s post doesn’t delve deep into what the high-end model will offer as opposed to the low-end headsets. However, a more cost-effective option will likely be welcomed by many eager users.

Kuo also claims that Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Pegatron is likely to “transfer the AR/MR development team and production resources to [Pegatron and Luxshare joint venture] Luxcaseict.” This transition is expected to begin during the first half of 2023.

The first device to kick off Apple’s AR/VR initiatives is expected to launch this year. The headset is rumoured to come with a substantial price tag of $3,000 USD (roughly $4,092 CAD). With that, Apple is expected to deliver dual 4K screens, an array of camera modules, eye tracking, hand gesture support, and be powered by a chip similar to the M-series.

It may not be long until we see Apple’s headset at long last. Recent reports claim it may be shown at Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

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Source: Ming-Chi Kuo Via: iPhone in Canada