MediaTek to unveil its own phone-to-satellite communication system

Unlike Apple's Emergency SOS feature, MediaTek's technology can send and receive text messages via satellite connectivity

Taiwan-based semiconductor company MediaTek, which makes chipsets for several companies, including Samsung’s entry-level devices, OnePlus, ASUS, Redmi and more, is set to launch its own phone-to-satellite communication system at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain next week.

The technology can enable two-way satellite communication on smartphones by using a standalone chipset from MediaTek that can be added to any 4G or 5G phone. The company’s move is a response to Qualcomm’s and Apple’s satellite technologies, and the semiconductor company is confident that its technology will work seamlessly with any network that complies with the 3GPP Non-Terrestrial Network standard.

According to Engadget, at the MWC event, MediaTek will show off two satellite smartphones, namely, the Motorola defy 2 and CAT S75, alongside a Bluetooth accessory with a MediaTek chip. MediaTek’s technology can receive messages sent via satellite connection, not just send them, as it connects to Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit satellites instead of satellites in Low Earth Orbit. For reference, Apple’s Emergency SOS feature can only send messages and not can’t receive them.

The Motorola defy 2 smartphone and defy Bluetooth accessory will be released in the second quarter of the year in North America, Latin America, and Canada, and they will be the first devices to offer MediaTek’s satellite capabilities.

Source: MediaTek Via: Engadget