Costco warns customers of new text scams targeting Canadians

The texts offer rewards associated with membership levels and company credit cards

Costco is warning its customers in Canada to be cautious of several scams through texts.

The first text message tells customers to claim their Capital One Costco Mastercard Cash Back reward by clicking a link.

“The text is a SCAM,” the company said in a recent update. No digital coupons are associated with the reward, Costco said, which will be mailed to eligible customers.

Another scam presents a link for customers to claim a reward associated with the ‘Executive’ membership level. This is also a scam, as Costco said it mails the reward to applicable parties.

The company said it has also seen an increase in survey scams, which claims to give users a free prize if they respond to a survey online.

“We do not ask customers to provide personal information online or via text. The only online request by Costco for personal information is through our official website, Costco.ca.”

Costco is warning its customers not to respond to unverified emails or provide and personal information through email of text. Canadians should also consider filing a report through the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, the company wrote in the post.

Image credit: Shutterstock 

Source: Costco