OnePlus shows off concept phone with active water cooling

Even with a dedicated cooling system, the device doesn't seem to be thick or heavy

At MWC in Barcelona, Spain, OnePlus showed off its latest concept mobile device, and it’s undoubtedly ‘cool.’

The concept device is based on the OnePlus 11 and features a distinctive glowing blue pipeline design on its back, which represents the cooling liquid of its new “Active CryoFlux” cooling technology.

The Active CryoFlux technology, according to OnePlus, is not just for show. It allows the device to maintain cool temperatures under load, resulting in better gaming performance and faster charging speeds. Accessories like Razer’s phone cooler and the Asus ROG Phone6 Cooling Fan offer similar cooling features but with the added weight, size and noise of the accessory.

Performance-wise, OnePlus said that the cooling technology allows the concept device to drop by 2.1 degrees Celsius in temperature while gaming, resulting in an increase in performance of between 3 and 4 frames per second. Similarly, while charging, the cooling system can reduce temperatures by 1.6 degrees Celsius, which could result in faster charging times by 30 to 45 seconds.

The performance benefits aren’t all that monumental and were not demonstrated during the MWC event. However, OnePlus claimed that an “industrial-grade piezoelectric ceramic micropump” drives the cooling liquid through the device’s pipelines, and it occupies less than 0.2cm² of space. The Verge says that despite the cooling system, “the phone didn’t feel especially thick or heavy in the hand.”

It is currently unknown if or when the Active CryoFlux technology would make its way to a future commercially available OnePlus device.

Image credit: OnePlus (YouTube)

Source: OnePlus (YouTube) Via: The Verge