Snapchat incorporates ChatGPT tech for its ‘My AI’ chatbot

My AI is coming to Snapchat+ subscribers in the U.S. first, with a broader rollout soon

Following in Spotify’s footsteps, Santa Monica, California-based Snapchat is also borrowing OpenAI’s ChatGPT and integrating it into its app.

Snapchat is introducing a ChatGPT-powered chatbot, and according to Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel, the move is a bet on AI chatbots becoming a more prevalent part of people’s lives in the coming years.

Snapchat’s bot called “My AI” resides reside in the app’s chat tab, right above conversations with your snapchat contacts. The feature will be limited to Snapchat Plus subscribers at first, but according to Spiegel, in a statement given to The Verge, he wants the feature to be available to all Snapchat users for free in the future.

“The big idea is that in addition to talking to our friends and family every day, we’re going to talk to AI every day,” said Spiegel. “And this is something we’re well positioned to do as a messaging service.”

My AI reportedly answers questions in a way more restricted manner, when compared to regular ChatGPT. Snap’s employees have trained the bot to adhere to the company’s trust and safety guidelines and not give responses that include swearing, violence, sexually explicit content, or opinions about topics like politics.

So no, answering the Snapchat AI chatbot to do your homework for you wouldn’t work well. Instead of a productivity tool, My AI will function more like a persona that you can talk to. My AI is meant to be a virtual friend inside of Snapchat for users to hang out with, and not a dedicated search engine.

My AI is rolling out to Snapchat+ subscribers in the U.S. today, with a broader rollout to come sometime later.Read more about My AI here.

Image credit: Snap

Source: Snapchat Via: The Verge